Trading safely, smartly, responsibly, and profitably just got far less time consuming and a whole lot easier…

“How to turn $100 into $1,977.84 every 15 days even if you have never made a penny trading up until now”
The best part is that these massively profitable trades take under two minutes on your smartphone to complete…
You will see how using this secret just turned $50 into $831.60 in just 10 daysA 1,463.14% gain.
And this same breakthrough strategy also just turned $100 into $1,977.84… a 1,877% gain in just 15 days.
You will also see how it made $183,224.73 in pure profit with a 832.84% gain in 21 days.

People who just started using this amazing new breakthrough are seeing immediate profits…

I know that gains like these seem too good to be true…

So I am going to show you proof that it can be done. That it is being done…

And most importantly… That YOU can do it too!

As you just saw, you don’t need much money to get started building your fortune…

Look how fast you could turn $100 into $39,101.90…

  “Good morning to all it's 4:26 a.m. my time... I opened CAD/JPY sell trade at the moment trade is 60 pips in profit for $2,009 and it's still moving towards the target”

IMPORTANT:I’ll also show you how the first 50 people to act on this will get thousands of dollars in proven trading strategies, systems, tools, and training for FREE so make sure you read this entire letter to the end…

So after the first 15 days you grew your $100 into $1,977.84…

If you then trade using that $1,977.84 for another 15 days with the exact same gain of 1,877% you would now have $39,101.90

In just a minute I will show you exactly how to do that.

First let’s talk about the most important skill any trader can have and that is the ability to NOT LOSE MONEY…

I am going to share some things with you right now that will greatly decrease the amount of losing trades you are experiencing…

You can start with as little as just $50 or $100.

And when you can grow your money by 1,877% every couple of weeks you could be wealthy in no time.

In just a minute I will show you exactly how to do that.

First let’s talk about the most important skill any trader can have and that is the ability to NOT LOSE MONEY…

I am going to share some things with you right now that will greatly decrease the amount of losing trades you are experiencing…

And turn them into big winners so you can finally start making some real money.

 Even if you have never placed a single winning trade.

 Or even if you have never placed a trade of any kind and are ready to learn how some people have gotten so wealthy trading the Forex market.

 And if you are already making six figures a year trading and would like to know how to scale that into millions a year…

 I’ll show you some simple things that can produce massive results and put serious money into your account.

Here’s one of the reasons you might be losing more trades than you are winning…

You are still using indicators designed in the 70’s.

Not on purpose.

That’s what 95% of traders are using because they don’t know any better.

So it’s definitely not your fault.

There hasn’t been many new things.

And most traders who have developed better methods that are making them wealthy…

Are not about to share their secrets.

Would you?

Luckily there is one trader who has created some of the biggest recent breakthroughs in trading in decades…

Breakthroughs that are sending profits through the roof.

New strategies and technologies that make it possible for the first time ever to WIN 9 out of every 10 trades CONSISTENTLY.

Why traders lose…

Most of your losses can likely be attributed to one or more of the flowing problems that most traders experience at one point or another in their trading…

The good news is you are about to discover something that makes the need to spend years mastering all this obsolete…

That said, it is important to know how to avoid these because even the best traders get caught up in the moment occasionally.

Here are just a few of things that can seriously tank your profits and send you to straight to the land of the losses…

 Overtrading - Too much of a good thing creates some bad things that lead to watching your account evaporate faster than water in the Sahara. Trading too big or too often can happen when we let emotions like fear and greed take hold.

It can be anything from revenge trading after a big loss to greed taking hold and making you set unrealist expectation and your stop loss mirrors those unrealistic expectations.

 Poor risk management - Not setting or adhering to a stop loss. As crazy as it sounds, traders constantly ignore this one. All I will say about this one is ALWAYS use a stop loss and take profit. Once you have the experience it is acceptable to trail your stop but only if that is what the trend is telling you, not the little devil on your shoulder.

Keep in mind that a stop-loss that is too low could derail what could have otherwise been a profitable trade. While a take-profit that is too high might not be reached due to a lack of volatility. Paying attention to risk/reward ratios is a critical component of consistently profitable trading…

What is the Risk Return Ratio?

The Risk/Reward Ratio (or Risk Return Ratio/ RR) is simply a set measurement to help traders plan how much profit will be made should a trade progress as anticipated, or how much will be lost in case it doesn't. Consider this example. If your 'take-profit' is set at 100 pips and your stop-loss is at 50 pips, the risk/reward ratio is 2:1. This also means that you will break even at least every one out of three trades, providing that they are profitable. Traders should always check these two variables in tandem to ensure they fit with profit goals.

 Not having or following a trading plan. You wouldn’t build a business without a business plan. And your trading should be treated like a business because it is. One that could make you millions without overhead and employees. If you are serious about making a living as a trader then you need to invest time and effort into developing a smart and profitable trading strategy. At bare minimum, a trading plan needs to consider optimum entry and exit points for trades, risk/reward ratios, along with money management rules.

  Letting your emotions rule the roost…

While it’s your emotions that lead to the mistakes I just mentioned, they can also sabotage you in many other ways. Everything from     letting greed turn trading into gambling to letting your fear freeze your ability to take action and pull the trigger when you should.

Even though you will be using a 100% Done For You strategy from this point on that makes it almost impossible to make these mistakes…

You still have the power to “break the rules” should you decide to do so.

Which wouldn’t be very smart in this case because it takes zero effort to follow them, and people are winning 9 out of 10 trades with this breakthrough done for you trading solution.

This is not AI…

It seems like everywhere you turn you are hearing about all the amazing things artificial intelligence is capable of doing.

Just recently I read a word in an article I hadn’t heard in a long time…


Let me tell you a story about bots… Short for Trading Robots.

It was 2001 and if you were trading at that time then you will remember how trading bots were all the rage…

No need to know anything about trading because these predecessors of AI would do all of your trading for you.

You just turn it on and wait for the money to start rolling in.

And initially they worked. Or at least some of them did.

Out of the gate they were making huge gains and traders were tripping over themselves to get the latest one. Me included.

But just like HAL, the computer from 2001 A Space Odyssey, they turned evil fast.

And even the best of them (I did a massive amount of research at the time) eventually blew up taking many traders entire accounts with them.

Here’s why Bots didn’t work then and why AI trading platforms won’t work now…

This is from a recent article in Forbes:
Modern AI lacks yet another aspect of common sense, the ability to reason. Reasoning allows one to understand cause and effect through the asymmetric passage of time. Consider, for example, how young children learn the underlying physics of stacking blocks through experience and how a parent might attempt to teach this concept to their child.

The child may know a lot about the blocks they are stacking, including their colors and shapes. They will notice that their tower of blocks falls as they continue to stack blocks on top of each other, but they don’t know why. The child likely has trouble understanding why certain structures can be built taller than others or with certain shapes but not others.

More advanced physics concepts like center of mass, gravity and frictional coefficients are advanced explanations for underlying fundamental concepts that any 3-year-old will know. AI, however, does not. Although AI might be able to answer questions like, “Why do blocks fall?” it cannot answer questions like, “If a tower of blocks is built too tall, what will happen?” or “How tall is too tall?” In short, the narrow approach of modern AI does not include the common sense of the average 3-year-old.”

I cannot imagine not using common sense when you are trading.

And I don’t know about you, but I am not trusting my account to 3-year-old.

Enough about what doesn’t work, lets talk about what does…

Let’s be clear on a couple of things…

 This is not another useless signal service.

 It is not AI or automated trading.

It is a done-for-you solution with a proven 90% win-rate.

Here’s the best part about this…

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out with a tiny trading account and want to grow it as quickly and safely as possible…

 It turned $50 into $831.60 in just 10 daysA 1,463.14% gain.

 And this same breakthrough strategy also just turned $100 into $1,977.84… a 1877% gain in just 15 days.

Or are a more experienced trader trying to turn a big account into an absolute fortune…

It made $183,224.73 in profit in 21 days and then another $166k in profit in just 12 days.

What you are about to see will do both more effectively, efficiently, responsibly, safely, and quickly than anything else out there.

*Because while it is making never before seen gains as high as 1,877% in just 15 days…

*Its biggest claim to fame is its uncanny ability to NOT LOSE MONEY!

*Proven by its overall long-term win rate of over 90% with some statements showing win rates as high as 100%.

You will see the actual statements backing up these amazing results in just a minute…

First, just think about that for a second.

Imagine how it would feel to be confident that you now have the ability to win at least 9 out of every 10 trades you place.

And every time you open your chart it’s with complete confidence that you are about to make a whole bunch of money.

Trading quickly becomes a stress-free and fun experience that not only brings in the money you have always dreamed of making but also takes just minutes a day.

Even if you work full time, this gives you the ability to make money trading in just minutes before or after work…

It’s actually so simple you could make more money trading on your lunch break than you do working all day at your job.

Because as I said, it takes under 2 minutes to place a trade…

And you don’t even your computer to make these massive gains…

You don’t need anything more than your smart phone or tablet.

Here’s how this works…

You are copying the exact trades of one of the most consistently profitable traders on the planet.

But this is not just another signal service. It’s so much more…

Because he doesn’t just give you the signal and the setup…

He gives you every move he makes step by step…

So that you can manage the trade like a seasoned pro simply by copying and pasting what he is doing onto your own chart.

In one click you will know…

 The currency with the highest probability for success.

 The direction you should trade.

 When to enter the market.

 What price to target.

 Where to put your stop loss.

 How much you will risk compared to how much you will make.

And it’s all cloud based. So, you can trade on your smartphone. Which is the only tool you need to start winning 9 out of 10 trades.

He calls it his Cash on Demand Trades method and, at its center, is the Trade Command Center... Because it puts you in total command of your trades in a way nothing else can…

Gives you the ability to be inside the head of a world champion trader while he trades and follow his moves, step by step in your own account.

“It is the closest thing to printing money I have ever used... I guess that’s why it is called Cash On Demand Trades.”

A 90% Win-Rate in 2 minutes or less per trade and you can do it all on your phone…

You can do everything on your smartphone or tablet.

You simply copy and paste his exact trades, including all his trade management, onto your chart and you are done.

It takes about 2 minutes.

After that all you do is wait until it’s time to collect your cash.

And what if something happens and the trade starts to do something unexpected?

That’s all taken care of as well…

You will get real time updates showing you exactly what to do to ensure that you always do two things…

1. Make a big profit.

2. Avoid losses.

First Toshko will give you the signal and the setup…

Then he gives you every move he makes step by step…

He is even doing the trade management for you. You simply copy and paste what he is doing onto your own chart.

You don’t have to do anything but open the cloud-based platform, an email, or your Telegram app and copy and paste a level exactly… step for step… pip for pip… like Toshko.

 Because you’ll be able to follow his actual, personal live trades in real time and manage them exactly the same way he does...

 You get unprecedented access to all of his trade management – LIVE – in real time.

 He will be sending you every level, entry, exit, and trade management move he makes directly to your inbox or Telegram app as they happen.

And it’s all cloud based. That means you can now trade using nothing but your smartphone. Which is the only tool you need to start winning 9 out of 10 trades.

He calls it his Cash On Demand Trades method and, at its center, is the Trade Command Center... Because it puts you in total command of your trades in a way nothing else can…

Gives you the ability to be inside the head of a world champion trader while he trades and follow his moves, step by step in your own account.

As easy as copy paste done!

It allows you to trade profitably with a simple click – copy – paste.

And you don’t even need to be watching for a setup because Toshko will send you an alert anytime there is an opportunity to cash in on a market move…

Phone Alerts

And in one click you will have everything you need right at your fingertips…

A quick click of the chart button and you see exactly what Toshko is doing with a specific trade…

You don’t have to watch your charts all day long, afraid to take your eyeballs of your trades...

Because Toshko also alerts you when he sees a shift or an opportunity to expand your position...

Whether that’s “Get the hell out now,” or “Double down for more profit”…

Toshko shows you the exact levels he adjusted in his account so you can adjust yours too…

Join now to get in with the massive VIP discount on this limited special offer:



2 payments of $1,250

(1st payment today, next in 30 days)

Trading Safely, Responsibly, And Carefully Doesn’t mean Settling For Small Gains Anymore…

You can now trade exactly like a 3-time world champion trader who makes a fortune trading and seldom loses with a simple click - copy - paste that takes about 2 minutes to do.

Using the Trade Command Center tool could mean you being consistently profitable from now on…

And mean trading with total confidence knowing that Toshko has your back…

So that you can finally making some money trading…

Without using a system

Without using indicators

Without a learning curve of any kind

It is so simple to use that you could be making your first profitable trades later today…

Don’t you wish you had been copying those trades into your account?

A table with numbers and a stamp

Description automatically generated

Imagine making $173,898.30 in under a month…

That’s life-changing money.

And even if your account is too small at the moment to place trades that make those kinds of gains…

You have seen how fast this can grow your account and turn even a small account into a big account in record time.

Whether you want to grow your account month after month and turn it into a fortune over time…

Or you just need to make an extra $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000 a month to pay bills and keep up with inflation…

Account Number

Account Number

Account Number



2 payments of $1,250

(1st payment today, next in 30 days)

The Trade Command Center tool makes it faster, easier, and lower risk.

Anyone can throw data at you and walk away…

But Toshko goes further, making sense of what you’re seeing and telling you exactly how to trade it like he does.

You will never see a setup on Trade Command Center that Toshko has not personally verified and confirmed.

And if the market shifts, Toshko is right there with full comments on the trades to show you how to refine your position or get out fast, so you make more money and keep more of it.

And then he takes it to the next level by sending all those moves directly to your inbox, so you are alerted in real time to every move he makes.

Because that’s the name of the game.

And the fastest way to that money isn’t to burden yourself with months of education and trial and error while you figure it out...

The fastest, simplest way to get you to the money is to do all that for you and provide you the expertly confirmed signals, filtered data, entries, exits, and more...

So that all you need to do is point. click, copy & paste to take a trade that has a 90% chance of making you money…

Now if we just left things here it could be a game changer for you…

It just doesn’t get any easier than copying and pasting Toshko’s winning trades into your account.

And it means that it’s a level playing field for everyone.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro you could easily make money from day one.

No learning curve, no complicated strategies, no system, and no indicators.

It’s as simple as it gets.

Should you trust Toshko to basically do all of your trading for you?

Before I show you a whole bunch of reasons (with dollar signs) let me tell you a quick story…

The $25,000.00 Breakfast…

Toshko and I have a close mutual friend who spent a couple days with him when he was traveling.

Toshko has a beautiful villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

As they were eating breakfast Toshko had his laptop in front of him.

Emir asked what he was up to.

Toshko said I just entered a trade and just want to keep an eye on it.

They ate and talked about what they were going to do.

When they were finished Toshko closed his laptop and Emir asked how things went…

Toshko replied not bad, I just made $25,000.00.

Emir about fell out of his chair.

Imagine making $25k while you eat breakfast.

Bottom line…

Toshko can trade for me anytime he wants!

But I am not expecting you to trust him based on a story.

I will show you mountains of proof in just a minute.

Let me introduce you to the man who has made this brilliant new trading innovation possible…

You may already know him because he is an absolute legend in trading…

He is a 3-time world trading champion who blew thousands of competing traders right out of the water and shocked the trading world to its core…

He won with gains the trading world had never seen before…

The first time he was crowned the World Forex Trading Champion, he did it with a 651.5% profit in a single week of trading...

At the time he did that most traders thought the ability to make 100% in a month was pure magic.

Security Guard
Toshko Raychev

His name is Toshko Raychev, and before he learned to trade like a master he was a broke security guard living in Bulgaria.

Yet Toshko was no loser…

He was an undefeated Karate champion and knew a lot about perseverance and dedication.

And he approached trading the same way…

Where winning was his only option.

And the rest as they say is history…

He has gone from a broke security guard to one of the most successful and respected traders on earth.

He is one of the most humble people I’ve ever known. He hates the spotlight, but he loves helping other traders so he endures it.

In fact, helping struggling traders is how greatest passion. He tells me it brings him great joy when he sees the light bulb go on when someone “gets it”.

Today over 80,000 people follow his trading on social media…

He has personally worked with over 10,000 people worldwide to help them learn to trade using his unique method of making triple digit gains by way of safe and responsible trading.

So he is definitely someone you would want to learn from…

Which is why we have created something that he calls Learn While You Earn.

It is this…

He created Cash On Deman Trades as a done for you solution for traders.

A way for traders to start earning from day one.

The option of just copying and pasting his trades, making money doing so, and doing nothing else.

There is nothing wrong with that option.

Maybe you just need to make some money fast to pay some bills, pay for a new house with your trading, build your retirement nest-egg without spending hours learning new stuff.

However, maybe you want to learn to trade like Toshko so you can know that no matter what happens you will always be able to make all the money you need through trading.

So that you will have complete confidence as a trader.

That last one may be a big deal to you…

I know that confidence is at the very top of the list of things people reach out to me about. Trading can be a lot more fun when you know all the secrets of making big gains. And are making them!

And that confidence only comes with learning. You have to actually do the work.

If you do want to become a master trader you will get everything you need to become one with this Learn While You Earn program that is included with Cash On Demand Trades.

You will also have access to Toshko and his team through live chat on the platform via Facebook Messenger.

That means anytime you have a question or are having a problem you just can’t solve on your own, Toshko is here to help you.

And that is priceless because it’s hard to stump Toshko when it comes to trading. He has seen it all and remembers what it was like to not be able to find answers to questions that he could trust to be accurate.

It’s included free and it is amazing.

And that is just the start of all the free bonuses that are included when you are accepted into the Cash On Demand Trades program.

Remember I said Toshko was a 3-time world trading Champion?

Well he did it with 3 of the best trading systems ever developed.

And you are going to get all 3 for free!

Let’s look at everything you are getting today when you take Toshko up on this amazing offer…

Toshko normally charges one thousand dollars per hour for trading consultations.

Here you get “Toshko in your pocket” so to speak… his time and unique perspective he uses to analyze the markets for the highest probability top-order trades are instantly available to you.

He provides step-by-step levels, entry, exits, risk calculation, trading commentary and updates on each trade and that’s truly valuable.


Live Trade Aletrs from Toshko Raychev's
Trade Command Center

Because you are on our VIP list you can have immediate access to everything mentioned…

Toshko’s personal signals, his live trades, including every level with rock-solid confirmation, his trade management so you can start winning 90% of your trades right away.

First though, let me ask you this:

What do you think these would be worth to you if they could change the way you trade with consistently profitable trades that drive you to achieving you goals?

It’s worth a lot if it will change your life and those of your loved ones, right?

That’s a number that’s hard to quantify…. But I’m sure you’ll agree that these alone would be worth at least $5,000.00

Although you’d be forgiven for thinking that that just that is virtually priceless, you’ll want to read on, as Toshko has so much more than that he wants to share with you today…

If you also want to learn how Toshko’s trading brain works, and how to trade exactly like he does, and to get a constant feed of trading knowledge with an 8-week comprehensive deep dive into his tools, techniques and proprietary indicators and unique system, set out in Cash On Demand Trades members area, then this is absolutely for you too.

With this you can fast track your way to consistently profitable trades whenever you want completely independent of anyone else!
(Value $5,000.00)

With world class support for immediate, accurate, and friendly answers anytime you have a question…
(Value $1,000.00)

And access to daily, weekly and monthly analytics displaying real time member trade data…

With trades like these:

Plus: A full “archive” of 50+ live Question and Answer sessions and lessons on trading recorded by Toshko


AND… The full system and custom proprietary Indicators that Toshko spent 15 years refining and that are exclusively available to members:

(Value $5,000.00)

Together with a custom coded Trade Assistant that automates your own trade opportunities for you, so that you can trade independently anywhere anytime with the pairs you prefer.

(Value $2,000.00)

A specially designed and recorded audio meditation class designed to put you in the frame of mind to begin your trading day.

(Value $500.00)

And Bi-Monthly member’s only live webinars with Toshko (for a guaranteed 6-month period), where you get to engage in real time as he analyses the markets past, present and future.

(Value $3,000.00)

Together with custom video lessons for traders who need that extra bit of assistance in getting started, compiled specially for you by renowned trading success coach Russ Horn….

(Value $500)

…all completely free when you join his Cash On Demand Trades and use the TCC.

OK, remember I said that Toshko has something else really special you if you want to trade using a system?

If you take advantage of this amazing introductory offer today…

Toshko is also handing you his world championship-winning 09D3 system – the one that beat thousands of other traders and shocked the world with a 651.5% profit in a single week for FREE…

That’s another $1,500 value – completely free.

The system that made him a world champion is yours for zero cost.

So, let’s break this down for you…

You get:

Trade alerts via the members dashboard, Telegram and email

An 8-week comprehensive deep dive into his tools, techniques and proprietary indicators and unique system, set out in Cash On Demand Trades member’s area:

World class traders support:

Performance analytics and a full “archive” of 50+ live Question and Answer sessions and lessons on trading:

Toshko’s full FortunatusFX system and custom proprietary Indicators:
Value: $5,000.00

FortunatusFX custom coded Trade Assistant

Market Edge Class

Bi-Monthly member’s only live webinars with Toshko
Value: $3,000.00

Get started trading plan with Russ Horn

Toshko’s original World Championship-winning system
Value: $1,500.00

That brings the full value of everything in the TCC bundle to $25,500.00

And we are giving you even more ways to make money trading…

A red and white sign with black numbers

Description automatically generatedImportant: The first 50 Traders that act today will also unlock a world of exclusive fast-start bonuses to supercharge your ability to make money...

These additional bonuses are yours FREE… if you are among the first 50 traders to take advantage of this lifechanging offer…

Toshko’s Pattern Pulse Trading Method

(Value: $250)

A stack of gold bars

Description automatically generated


A proven system that uses price action to target in on trades with a very simple but extremely accurate 1-2-3 approach.

Automated Trade Machine (ATM) Blueprint

(Value: $250)

A full blueprint of instructions to automate virtually any suitable system to rake in cash! This compliments other training from Toshko including…

Trade Management, Risk Management, News and Fundamentals and Journal entries

Access to all the materials from a recently held live event Toshko hosted called the Surefire 3-Day Challenge, which includes…

• All 3 Days Of Live Recorded Calls

• Gifts & Training including his training materials on his Rapid Trade Finder technique


A car on fire with money flying out of it

Description automatically generated


(Value $750)

And as an extra bonus from Tradeology’s own Adrian Jones, for the first 50 people that take up Toshko’s offer, you get his:

Accelerating Profits System
A group of books with a drawing on them

Description automatically generated

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated


A pro- trading mechanical system that has so many forms of confirmation built into it that it's like knowing what the market is going to do before it does.

It takes extraordinarily complex technology and makes it simple to use by doing most everything for you so that all you do is pull the trigger to enter the trade once you see that the system rules are met.

And trading it is as easy as being able to tell green from red.

Anyone, regardless of their background, can learn how to make consistent money with this starting on day one.

This includes full access to recorded webinars, the full members area

As well as the Automated Trading assistant so that you never miss a trade opportunity


The Accelerating Profit App

A screenshot of a device

Description automatically generated


You will also get Adrian’s…

Traders companion software suite

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

(Total value Value: $1,350.00)

And there’s even more…

These are not just any bonuses, but we're talking about the kind that will elevate the value of Cash On Demand Trades by another staggering $2,500.00!

That's right, you read it correctly - another $2,500.00 worth of incredible bonuses that are practically begging to be snatched up by someone as savvy as you. These include:


A group of books with graphs and charts

Description automatically generated



Mega Bonus #1

The Money Bounce System

VALUE $250

A book with a graph and gold text

Description automatically generated

This strategy makes money with just two simple steps.

A simple 3-line trend following indicator provides the almost rubber-band-like action that price ‘bounces’ off of to show you shifts in an instant, so you can get into trades faster...

This system has a 2:1 profit/loss ratio. That means you make twice as much as you lose. It’s just a matter of time before your bank account skyrockets with this system.

Mega Bonus #2

The SRT System & Indicator

VALUE $250


A box with a graph on it

Description automatically generatedA book with a graph on it

Description automatically generated

This is the secret weapon of one of the best traders on earth... It is what he uses to take huge amounts of money out of the market at will.

Even if you are a complete beginner, this system & indicator are so simple, yet so powerful, that they can stop losing trades dead in their tracks and send your profits through the roof overnight.

Very few systems make money this easily and are simple to learn.

In this step-by-step report, you will learn the rules that could have you
making more money than you ever thought possible. This could easily sell for $250. Yet, it is yours free today when you get Cash On Demand Trades.

Once you see how easy it is to use and how accurately it pinpoints the absolute best place to enter, you will wonder how you ever managed to trade without it.

Bonus #3

The Rejection Spike

VALUE $250

A white book with red blue and black lines

Description automatically generated

There is a little-know candle formation that is highly accurate and very tradable, but it is seldom used or even noticed. It's called the Rejection Spike.

When you are aware of this unusual candlestick formation, you will have a clearer heads-up of a potential trade or when you should be considering exiting a trade you are already in.

In other words, this system covers your backside and keeps you from losing money. And at the same time makes you money. Lots of it.

Bonus #4

The Rapid Dollar System

VALUE $250


A box with gold gears and symbols

Description automatically generated


This one is from the guy who I once watched make $25,000.00 while we were eating breakfast. It is one of his go-to secrets for making money.

This sweet little piece of techno-wizardry will allow you to pinpoint entry and exit points faster and easier than ever before. And we all know how much money can be made in the seconds before a trend turns.

Bonus #5

Profit Spring

VALUE $250

A cover of a book

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Whether you have been struggling to trade profitably, and especially if you have never traded before, the Profit Spring System and report could put you "in the money" faster than you can imagine.

New Traders love this system. Profit Spring is a simple, incredibly easy to understand and execute strategy that you could master in under an hour to start making your first trades.

Short-term traders love it because you can be in and out of your trades within minutes or hours. So, if you are a "quickdraw" type of trader, this will be your favorite system ever…

…And it does it using a super-simple "spring" hidden in plain sight, to give you the unfair advantage the top 5% of traders use to get rich fast!

Bonus #6

Dark Numbers

VALUE $250


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​This one comes from the world’s leading expert on Elliott Wave Theory, Nicola Delic.

And he created this report to make Elliott Wave easy to both understand and trade.

Dark Numbers will allow you to see which levels we should continue to watch out for over the next 3 to 6 months and beyond.

Bonus #7

FIB Cash Compass

VALUE $250


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It's simple to use and supremely accurate and one of the most powerful trading systems on the planet.

It’s based on Fibonacci retracements. And just as a compass points you in a specific direction, this will point you to profitable trades with minimal effort.

It uses two custom indicators which were developed by a coding genius that Microsoft tried hire when he was just 16 years old. Getting this is a real gift that could make you a fortune.

Bonus #8

The Fibonacci Code Report

VALUE $250


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This simple to learn system will make you look like a trading genius effortlessly making one successful trade after another.

Fibonacci has long been used by professional traders to find potential points to trade from, and this system exploits these points brilliantly. Easy to learn, easy to trade, and extremely profitable.

Bonus #9

The Ace Technique

VALUE $250


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He bet the farm, and got rich…

This system was created by a broke farmer who gave up farming and made himself a fortune trading Forex.

This technique is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. We have only shared this with a handful of people. This secret uses a 100% mechanical system in ways that will blow your mind.

Bonus #10

The Pip Key

VALUE $250


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This is another proven system that lives up to its name because it is the key to winning a boatload of pips every time you trade.

This whole system is based on one super high probability set up that happens countless times per day. Once you learn the secret you will be amazed at how simple it is to make money trading.

That’s an additional value of another…



So in total…

Full Access To Cash On Demand Trades (C.O.D.T) Membership of Toshko’s trade command center


•12 Month Full Access To C.O.D.T


•Full Access To Dashboard of Trade Signals And Updates


•Telegram Alert Service


•Trade Alerts Sent Daily To Your Inbox


Plus >>>


3 Championship Systems

•Surefire system 1

•Surefire system 2

•Surefire system 3


·     8 Weeks of Weekly Members Releases


·     2 One-on-One Live Sessions With An Allocated Trading Coach


·     Full Access To The Fortunatus FX System


·     Full Access To The Fortunatus FX Trade Assistant


·      Full Access To 50+ Hours Of Curated Live Session Recordings


·     Full Access To New Bi-Monthly Live Lessons & Trading


·      Success Formula Master Traders Course By Expert Trader Russ Horn


·     Market Edge Mind Psychology Audio Session





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Bringing you to a TOTAL VALUE:



You will not be paying anything near that…

Not for $30,600

Not $15,000

Not $10,000

Not $8,000

Not even $5,000

You get everything you have seen here today for just…



2 payments of $1,250

(1st payment today, next in 30 days)

We understand the importance of you achieving the results you need, and we stand by our promise to assist you every step of the way…

That's why we offer our unique Satisfaction Guarantees.


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Full access to the member’s area for 12 months!

Spend as much time as you want in the members' area and take away all the trading wisdom you want. All of which is yours to keep forever. This opportunity is exclusive to Cash On Demand Trades members…

What better way to skyrocket your trading knowledge and profits than by getting all the tips and tricks from pro and master traders themselves!


Your decision today is also protected with these NO RISK, 100% Worry-Free Satisfaction Guarantees!


Within 60 days of trading a live account…

If you do your part and use the materials as intended, and you can show that you’ve done everything…

And still, you’ve not recouped at least the investment you make today then…

All you have to do is send an EMAIL, SKYPE, OR CALL US - No stress, No hassle.

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Just reach out, and Toshko and his team of experienced coaches will personally take you under their wing for at least another 30 days to ensure you succeed.



If then, after spending 30 days with the team, you still feel that this is not for you, you also get to keep all the materials you get today, including all the bonus materials, indefinitely.

I’m not asking you to say yes or no today, I'm asking you to make an informed decision…

Your decisions are risk-free, but only one of them will help you achieve your goal, so which risk-free decision do you think will be more likely to get you to where you want to go in 6 weeks?

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Once this introductory offer ends, or Toshko accepts 20 more members, whichever comes first, Toshko could close his doors to new members and in future the full value will be in force.

And the 09D3 system… the one that made a 651% profit in one week won’t be part of it…

That system is only available through this offer and only for the next 20 new members.

So, if you want to make a full-time living trading for just minutes a day and without you lifting a finger...

Or want to learn all of Toshko’s trading secrets and use a system that is proven to make 651% profit in a single week...

Everything you need to make profits that will be the envy of other traders…

And have you winning 9 out of 10 trades.

It is all yours today for a one-time payment of just $1997.

There are no hidden fees, monthly subscriptions or upsells that all of a sudden will have you start digging for your credit card, or any other B.S.

You Get Guaranteed Access For 6 Months Today as part of this special offer.

Remember the statement you saw at the beginning of this letter?

The one where it took $100 and turned it into $ 1,977.84… Making a $1.877.45 profit with a gain of gain of 1,877% in just 15 days..?

It proves that you do not need a big account or deep pockets to start making money, and lots of it, fast.

With gains like these and a 90% win-rate, it won’t take long for you to turn even a small amount of money into a six-figure-a-year income from trading just minutes a day.

That, my friend, is life-changing.

Especially if you work full time at a job you don’t exactly love.

Just take a minute and imagine yourself one year from today…

When one of your buddies asks you how you went from the daily grind of having a job to living the life of luxury without one…

And you tell him how an investment of $1997 into a groundbreaking new trading tool made it almost impossible to lose…

How your account just started filling with cash from day one and quickly got to the point where you just didn’t need to work anymore.

That’s why I started trading in the first place…

It was more the freedom than it was the actual money.

Being able to do what I wanted – when I wanted.

And having the money to be able to do those things without ever worrying about what they cost.

So really this is about you buying your freedom for only $1997.

Sounds like an amazing deal to me.

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2 payments of $1,250

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